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Modern Dining Room

interior design with heart in mind

Serving clients and their homes in the beautiful town of Half Moon Bay, California,

 and along the San Francisco coastline. 

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about the good eye

Home… is not just a place, but a feeling. A feeling that shapes us. And when our home matches our insides -- our humor, our history, our heart -- it feels good. It feels peaceful. It feels right.  


Each of us has certain things that make us feel at home. For my husband, it’s his green leather chair. For me, house plants. For my kids, it’s their artwork on display. For my dog, it's her basket of toys. And they match in our house … because we match. As a family, we share a lot, but there’s also always a place for each of us to show up individually. I believe everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in their own home.  


When your home authentically represents who you are, you feel a sense of ease and serenity.  It comes from waking up and going to sleep each day in a space that matches what’s important to you and what makes you smile from the inside out. 


About us



patricia bodas

I am a creative at heart. 

I see the world in colors, shapes, textures and lines. I love people (especially kids) and my greatest joy is to help others realize their unique sense of self, style and serenity. When I’m not doing this with interior home design, I’m working with families as a pediatric occupational therapist. What lights me up? Creativity, discovery, connection, volunteering, fashion, running, riding my cruiser bike and reading. I’m a married mother of three teens, a dog and a cat. Proud coastsider since 2001.


Sometimes getting real about our homes and the way we live is not easy.  In fact, it can feel downright scary.  As an interior designer, I have the real privilege of listening to both your dreams and challenges and then co-creating your vision. Together we will start right where you are and build our way forward to develop a space that is beautiful, purposeful, serene, organized and, most importantly … YOU.


Some projects are comprehensive, like a house makeover. Others are for a specific need, like:

  • Re-imagining and re-inventing your space with pieces you already have  

  • Sourcing new furniture and decor to create a new style

  • Art/picture arrangement

  • Consulting with kids to custom design their spaces


In the end, I see my job as co-creating a very personal space that honors what’s unique about you.  And in whatever work we do together, I want you to feel a sense of pride, empowerment and ownership in the final product. So let’s meet, talk, look at what you have and design what you want.  First hour of consultation, free.

Let’s get started!


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Half Moon Bay, California  |  Tel: 650.440.0340

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